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How exactly does all this work?
Scheduling SoftwareRoboReception™ is designed to allow people to register for appointments. From canoes to construction, there are many types of services benefiting from an online appointment scheduling tool.

Why would I use RoboReception™?
Fewer calls, more appointments!If you provide a service or rent items, RoboReception™ decreases the amount of time you spend playing phone tag for appointments.

RoboReception™ takes the guesswork out of who is attending through real-time reports available from the administration dashboard. Using RoboReception™ decreases the amount of time you spend trying to organize your day. It provides autoreminders that you customize.

RoboReception™ also integrates with Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites easily.

What happens when something isn't working?
Ongoing, Dedicated SupportOnce you are registered, if you experience any technical difficulties, there is a "support" link that allows you to contact RoboReception directly for assistance resolution.
Alyssa V. is one of our support staff members ready to answer your questions and make your life easier!

Call us for worry-free support! (530) 430-ROBO [7626]


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